A slender tricycle

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The Carver One is a slender tricycle suitable for 2 people. The Carver steers like a car, leans over like a motorcycle in curves, but feels like an airplane. However, anyone with a B driving license can enjoy the sensation that this vehicle offers pretty soon, so it will be a special experience for all.

On an enclosed location, far away from all traffic, you get the chance to get to know the Carver and you can try your first meters by yourself. Soon after this we go onto the road for a nice tour through the area where this special experience is best enjoyed. We travel in small groups with a marshal on front that knows the road well, so you can peacefully enjoy driving the Carver.

Price excl. VAT:   € 159,- p.p.
Min. number of participants:   11 persons
Duration:   2 hours
Including:   Professional guidance
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